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If you are planning to build or you have a new business development in the works, Carey Tree Service has the equipment and tools to help clear the land for you. We are the premier business for land clearing in Hague, VA, and our crew possesses the ability to prepare your land quickly & easily. Our efficient, reliable land clearing services give you the space and stress-free opportunity to develop your home or business. We provide the following services:

• Land Clearing
• Lot Clearing
• Storm Damage Tree Clean Up
• Property Cleanup
• Lawn Cleanup
• Yard Cleanup

We handle big and small land clean up jobs. If a site must be cleared of trees or stumps, we have the manpower to handle your project, even if it is for an existing structure on the property. Our land clearing is thorough, and we completely dig out pipes, conduit, and other underground items that might be otherwise left behind and that would interfere with plans for your new property. As the top land clearing specialists, we adhere to strict industry methods when performing our services.

Regardless of whether you want to leave certain trees in place, slope the terrain into new areas, or have the whole lot leveled and graded, we perform the work 100 percent to your specifications. We perform the most proficient and careful jobs in the Hague, VA area. Whether you have a strict budget or a specific time frame, we get the job done correctly the first time.

When you need to get the lot cleared for your project, turn to Carey Tree Service.

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