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As the principal business for stump removal in Hague, VA, Carey Tree Service performs stump removal utilizing the latest technology, tools, and training. Our professional stump removal service is the most reliable and effective way to handle unwanted stumps. We provide the following services:

• Tree Removal
• Tree Clearing
• Stump Removal
• Stump Grinding
• Tree Stump Hauling

Our skilled, certified arborist ensures you receive the expertise needed to get your job done right. We take great care to meet your job specifications. Stump grinding is the ideal way to remove unsightly tree stumps with little to no impact to your property or landscaping. We have the equipment and experience to handle any tree stump anywhere on your property. Tree stumps are not only unappealing, they also attract ants and termites. They make obstacles in your yard, as well, especially for lawn mowing.

Certain types of tree stumps continue to sprout shoots. If you have paid to remove the tree, you certainly do not want it growing back. Tree stumps roots can also pose continued problems and damage by growing into and under driveways, sidewalks, and flower beds. Stumps are hazards and cause injury and damage to innocent by-standers. This can be a potential problem for individuals concerned about property liability.

Stump removal involves a special set of skills and the right equipment to accurately remove stumps and root systems. When we are done removing your stump, your property will look pristine and ready for planting or a new deck. Our skilled crew is famous for their first-class capabilities in stump removal service.

When you want that ugly stump removed from your property, come to Carey Tree Service.

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